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Nikola Begović
Welcome Peter
2018-07-01 01:38:58
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@fereshtesagharizades [552643601] ha aggiunto Bot al gruppo 🤖. L'ho bannato.
2018-06-30 21:21:58
Nikola Begović
Welcome Leila
2018-06-30 12:01:03
Sonny - Does Not PM First
2018-06-30 09:42:10
Sonny - Does Not PM First
and legal review too
2018-06-30 09:42:03
Sonny - Does Not PM First
Yeah, but there's really no way to distinguish first without having to carry out tests
2018-06-30 09:41:55
Michael |
just like polymath they are strugling to be accepted by regulators...
2018-06-30 09:41:45
Michael |
agree for security tokens...
2018-06-30 09:41:09
Sonny - Does Not PM First
Unfortunately, regulators have stepped into the market and are enforcing strict compliances which involves exchanges having to determine whether a token is utility or security first
2018-06-30 08:51:58
Michael |
That's quite weird, paperwork... Should be more slim, it's no like IPO on stockmarket where issuer should comply wih regulator's rules (goverment).
2018-06-30 08:49:57